The Idea

For years i have enjoyed traveling, off road driving and camping, or glamping as i prefer to call it !!  Sometimes i love to rough it and sometimes i like to camp but with all the mod cons and always with nice food.

Last year we spent many happy weekends camping using my Sankey based trailer, I fitted it with a full kitchen, hot and cold water, onboard LPG running cooking hot water and heating for the roof tent. It also has a generator, microwave and a nespresso machine.

I enjoyed sourcing the parts and integrating them into the trailer and of course using the finished trailer,  I decided that the next natural move was a camper van type project.

My friends say i am mad taking on a project this big single handed,  AND !!!

For sometime i have wanted to do a drive around Africa, Hopefully this will enable that dream.

The main criteria for the build was that it had to be good off road have all the comforts of home and be able to sustain four people for two months off the grid.

The end result should be a truck that looks something like this:
Except with the windows exposed, the truck above has a lifting roof that exposes the windows.

Here is an idea of a Tatra truck that has been done before, I have never seen this truck in real life but have spoken to the owner by email and based on the spec and information i have it would be fair to say it's a great truck.  This is the standard i aspire to.