Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Generator Auto Start

I was doing a bit of testing to work out the generator Autostart, the control signal comes from the Victron color control unit, once a set of parameters are reached a contact closes to start the generator.

i am using a Cummins Onan QD5000 diesel generator, so i needed to build a simple timing interface to enable the control of the generator.

the picture shows the generator with the lid off.

Electrical System Update

I haven't posted in a while (sorry about that) had a bit of a knee issue, this delayed my progress somewhat.  All sorted and back at it now.

I have had a bit of a rethink about the electrical system, i was going to go with 10 x AGM batteries, specifically Victron 200Ah ones, having given serious thought to it, i have changed my mind.

The new plan is 5x Victron Lithium-ion HE 24v 200Ah Batteries, not cheap but seriously good. These will be managed by the Victron 1000A Lynx ion BMS unit. and controlled by the Colour Control CCGX.

Total Batterie power 25KWh.

Here is a few of them on the test bench:

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Handrail for Steps

A good friend of mine reminded that i hadn't posted for a while, i haven't done much truck work lately but there's more coming soon.

here is a few pics of the stainless handrail around the entrance steps and landing.  it takes about two mins to install and take down.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Fold Up Tow Bar Part 2

Ok that's another job done, the metalwork is finished and painted and it's all installed on the truck.  It turned out quite well.
Just a couple of hydraulic pipes and some electrics to go.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Fold Up Tow Bar Part 1

Had a bit of time to mess around with some heavy engineering this week.  I wanted to fit a tow bar to the rear of the truck so i can tow a Suzuki Jimny.

I was already toying with the idea of making the rear underrun bar on a hydraulic system so I can lift it out of the way if I need to.

Now i am thinking that i might be able to do both the tow bar and the underrun bar at the same time, its a work in progress.

the plan is to make a hinge using a 24mm bolt as a pin, this will bolt on the rear of the chassis, the drop plate is a bit of 6" C channel, i will attach a ram to the back of the channel to lift it all up out of the way.

This is as far as I have got:

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

victron energy Inverter system

As the truck is all electric, that is to say, the cooking is done with electric, I needed a robust and scalable inverter/charger system that was totally reliable for the job.

After several months of research and investigation into both Victron and other systems, I chose the Victron Energy products, the main reason was how versatile they are, and the fact that they fitted the job perfectly.

When the 24v 8000W Victron inverter arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised at the build quality, it really is a fine piece of engineering, it looks great and the functionality is even better.

I coupled the inverter to the Victron Colour Control Unit, this allows monitoring and adjustment of all parameters of the batteries, inverter, solar controller, generator etc; and even uploads the data to the Victron VRM internet portal so I can look at the status of everything and remote control it online.

The Victron system has so many features it's only possible to mention a few, I think apart from the VRM portal one of my favorites is the “power assist” feature, this allows you to set the amount of current you draw from a wired connection (at a campsite). If you then need more power than this connection can supply, The system will supplement it form the batteries - this occurs seamlessly without you even noticing.

I essentially wanted an 8kW inverter system to be comfortable running the cooking and heating, refrigeration and aircon in the truck. I estimate the maximum usage for short periods to be approx. 6kW

This inverter system is backed up by a Victron 1000Ah AGM battery system, I was going to go for a Lithium-Ion battery system but I don’t think the budget will stretch to it.

A 6kVA diesel generator supplements the system when needed and can be automatically started and stopped by the Victron system when needed.

There is also 2100W of solar panels connected via a Victron smart solar controller to take full advantage of the suns energy.

This entire system will allow the truck to run with all the comforts of home totally off grid for an unlimited length of time.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Outside of the cab Finished

Well when i say finished, there is still a few little things to do, but nothing to stop me looking smug about the progress so far.

Next i turn my attention to the inside of the cab,  trim seats and console to do, Oh and loads of wireing.

I think it looks Cool.

Here is some Pics: