Sunday, 17 January 2016

Mission Accomplished

It was my intention to update the blog everyday during our trip to collect the Truck, but unfortunately nearly 2000km's of driving in a truck that will only cruse at 80km an hour didn't really allow for much time to do so.

Anyway the story so far:

We collected the truck as arranged in Ostrava, in the Czech republic, from there we went to meet the marketing manager of Tatra Truck at the Tatra factory in Koprinice.

We had a fantastic time on the test track and got a tour of the factory followed by lunch in the canteen.

This was followed by a visit to the Tatra Technical Museum where i was stunned at the products that Tatra used to make,  For example they made all the luxury carriages for the Orient Express, there was also Aeroplanes, Trains, Racing Cars, Off road Buggies, and the first snow mobile ever made  to name just a few.

We also saw the Tatra 97 car which was first produced in 1936 and was the car that 2 years later inspired the design of the legendary Kdf-Wagen which later became the Volkswagen Beetle.

We  met a very nice Dutch journalist that was doing a story on Tatra Trucks.

We left the factory Just after lunch and after acquiring our Czech toll box we hit the road for Germany.
From here on it was just drive, eat, toilet for the next we drove day and night for 36 hours non stop to reach the ferry at Cherbourg,  We made cherbourg at 2.30 in the morning, i am typing this on the ferry.

Throughout the trip the Tatra truck ran seamlessly and did everything that was asked of it, i am happy i made the right choice for the project.

The truck waiting for me.

 Tyres loaded read to go

 Paperwork done, and we are off.
Inspecting the V8  12.6Ltr Power Plant

 Me Posing with two Tatra Engines