Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Preparing for the Winch

I am fitting a 30000lb Hydraulic winch to the front of the truck (mainly for recovering Land Rovers and other trucks !! )

I intend to fit the winch behind the bumper so as not to affect the trucks approach angle. I know that behind the bumper makes it not as accessible as in front of the bumper, but  for the occasional use it will get i am happy to go that way.

The winch will be controlled by switch in the cab and a radio remote, it will use an air free-spool actuator making accessing the winch not as important.

To make space for the winch i needed to move lots of air pipes and a wiring loom and the hydraulic oil container for the power steering.

The winch will sit in an 8mm steel tray and be bolted to both chassis rails. I am going to use a stainless steel roller fairlead mounted to the front of the bumper.