Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Rear Winch Mounting

I was in two minds weather to install a rear winch on the truck, after giving it some thought i decided to do it.

My thinking was that if i decided to fit it when the body was on it would be a lot more difficult. As with all things i am doing this has been designed so that it will apart from underneath, in the event it needs servicing or replacing.

I started by making some brackets from 50x10mm steel, i basically welded it together to make very substantial angle. After all it will have to stand a pull of up to 30,000lbs from the winch.

I bolted the bracket to the chassis with some M16 bolts, and fitted the winch to the bracket.

Cutting the slot for the cable in the 20mm thick rear chassis cross member was a bit of a challenge but it happened never the less.

The next step is the hydraulic pipes and the air line for the free-spool and the radio remote control unit.