Friday, 18 November 2016

Hydraulic Cab Tilt System

The Cab tilt system on the truck looked a bit like an after thought, the pump was an old manual only type of pump and a bit leaky, it neaded about 20 up and down strokes to fully tilt the cab,  some of the hoses were a bit perished and the metal pipework was a real mess. It had to go.

I started by fitting a dual acting hydraulic power unit that runs from 24v and also has a manual pump, I replaced all the pipework to the ram for new. The unit seemed to move too much fluid and really whipped the cab up and down far too fast, after fitting hydraulic restrictors it is now nicely under control.
Of course i hope i will never have to lift the cab, but if i do at least i wont be knackered after it !!

This is the old pump system