Sunday, 18 December 2016

Slide out Step System, Part 1

I wanted to have a step system that slides out and then pulls down, so that the steps go up along the length of the truck instead of sticking out of the side of the truck.

It's a lot more difficult to do it this way, but i just like the idea and it means you can lean on the side of the truck on the way up the steps if maybe you are "tired" or something !

I started with a folding step system i bought, you could make it but i don't think you would get the finish of a proper manufactured one, its fully galvanized. i am using a fiberglass grating as the landing area, the idea is when you come out of the door there is a landing area before you go down the steps. Its also big enough to sit on, like a mini patio.

Fitting it all in around the fuel tanks with mm to spare was a challenge,  I love it.