Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rebuilding the Dashboard

There wasn't really anything wrong with the dash switches and for the most part they were all working,
However the switches we labeled with generic symbols and it was not really apparent what they really did, That and the fact that they were scattered around the dash with no semblance of order at all.
The same goes for the warning lights, i think they were shaken up in a box and thrown at the dash that had random holes in even more random places.
As well as all that the switches looked very "dated", now it's not a new truck by any means but they really looked old.

I am afraid my OCD got the better of me and they all had to go. First i moved all the warning lights to the top of the dash all in one line.
Then removed all the switches, cut out holes for the new ones and refitted it all,  i had to fit blanking grommets in some holes, but managed to loose most of them behind the new holes.

There is a digital control for the cab heater to be fitted yet.

Yes it was a lot of work but it looks a lot better now, and its more functional.

After and Before Pictures